Interior Visualisation


High-quality 3D renders paint a picture of a finished product, engaging clients and stakeholders with visualisations of unbuilt architecture and interior design. They are a powerful marketing tool for developers, architects, interior designers, or anyone in the residential and commercial property sector.

Skillfully crafted renders will sell the dream before a single brick has been laid.

Pay a 50% deposit per item

Getting Started

  1. Complete purchase order
  2. You will receive an email with the purchase receipt
  3. Your project manager will send your our creative brief relevant to your project.
  4. Once complete we will internally review and contact you if we have any questions.
  5. We schedule in studio time, please confirm you or a point of contact with sign off authority will be available during this time.
  6.  List of requirements for production to begin.
    3D Model – file format:
    3D Studio Mesh (.3DS) preferred
    gw ObjectImporter (.OBJ)
    Autodesk (.FBX)
    Revit (.RVT)DWG and PDF of Architectural plans including:
    – General Plans
    – Elevations
    – Sections
    – RCP (Reflected Ceiling Plans)
    – Joinery
    – Kitchen Joinery
    – Bathroom Joinery
    – Fixtures Schedule
    – Exterior Finishes Schedule
    – Interior Finishes Schedule
    – Interior Styling
    – Confirmations of Time of Day
    – Landscape Plans
    – Photography
  7. 3 camera options will be provided for each CGI image.
  8. Once the camera has been selected we supply  two colour drafts for comment on design accuracy,  materiality, furniture and styling. Note any major design  changes and furniture changes will incur additional  costs
  9. Colour draft 2 You have 7 business days to review and feedback on the images. Extra review time may be requested at a additional cost.
  10. Final image – hi-res images at 5000px at the longest  edge which are suitable for most of your printing  requirements (brochures to signboards), as well  as web and social media format.

Final image – Hi-res images at 5000px at one the longest edge which is suitable for most of your printing requirements (brochures to signboards), as well as web and social media format.

If you have any questions about the process or have any additional info to be supplied outside the design brief you can contact us via



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