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$249.00 / month and a $599.00 sign-up fee

Looking to sell and market your products or services online using an eCommerce shop. From product search capabilities, through to shopping cart and checkout functions, a seamless user journey with clear calls to action is the key to high conversion rates.

New Website or Complete Site Overhaul every 24 months.

  • $599 Set up Fee 
  • $249 per month

Including hosting & 1 hour of website edits/updates per month

1st payment combines set up fee and 1st month 


  1. Complete purchase order
  2. You will receive an email with the purchase receipt
  3. Your project manager will send your our creative brief relevant to your project.
  4. Once complete we will internally review and contact you if we have any questions.
  5. Please supply us with all your company current logos, copy, images, web hosting details that will be used for this project.
  6. If we are providing additional services such branding, copywriting, CGI, Photography, web hosting, email hosting etc, these items may still be worked on at this stage.
  7. We schedule in studio time, please confirm you or a point of contact with sign off authority will be available during this time.
  8. Construct will compile a static concept with the intendend website layout.
  9. We allow 2 rounds of revisions. You have 2 days to review and feedback on the designs at each round. Extra review time may be requested at an additional cost.
  10. Web design layout sent to development

Live website is tested and launched

Our flexible hosting costs are dependent on your needs.

We offer 3 packages with the basic package starting at $33.

If you’ve signed up to one of our subscription websites, all hosting is included in the monthly price. If you have any more questions, please email us at

If you have any questions about the process or have any additional info to be supplied outside the design brief you can contact us via

  • New Website
  • Unlimited User Content edits
  • Daily Remote backups
  • Monthly Security Updates
  • Client Support
  • Website Hosting
  • Business Email Account
  • Monthly Tracking Reports
  • Recommendations for Improvements
  • Email Client Support
  • SSL Certificate

New Website or Complete Site Overhaul every 24 months!



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